Robbie Rogers is a champion. On the soccer field, he dominates the midfield for the Los Angeles Galaxy. In his personal life, he’s not only the first openly gay American professional soccer player but also an advocate for animals.

As a proud companion to his own pup, Jeffrey, Robbie knows how terrifying fireworks can be to dogs and cats. Check out what Robbie has to say in this brand-new public service announcement!

Fireworks displays cause many dogs and cats to flee in terror.

Take a cue from Robbie this summer holiday season and keep your animal companions safe.

What Can You Do?

  • Talk to your friends, family, and neighbors before the holiday. Make them aware that fireworks can cause well-behaved animals to jump fences, dig holes, and flee in terror.
  • Make sure that your dogs and cats are wearing ID tags, even when they’re inside.
  • Keep music or a television playing inside the house to minimize the noise from fireworks, and close windows and curtains to minimize the flashing lights.