Ah, New Zealand. I visited the country a few years ago and fell in love with it. It seems that peta2 has been getting really getting lucky with some people from down under who are eager to speak up for animals, and Dan Smith is no exception.

When Dan approached us about working together, we immediately thought that it would be great to work with him on an “Ink, Not Mink” ad! So we went down to High Voltage Tattoo and shot the ad!

LA Ink Dan Smith Heroes Feature

Dan Smith is a man of many talents. Not only is he an amazing tattoo artist who is a regular cast member on the hit reality show LA Ink, he also sings for The Dear & Departed, a band that recently toured with our good friends in Alkaline Trio and AFI.

While we were there, we also sat down with Dan and spoke to him in depth about his thoughts on fur and animal adoption and how he got into animal rights. Check out the video interview below:

Awesome, right?

Do the right thing and take the pledge that you will never wear fur and won’t support the cruel companies that profit from this industry.

If Dan were right here, he would thank you!

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