From “bloody” burgers to plant-based shrimp, there have been plenty of groundbreaking vegan food innovations. But the newest technology is causing quite the controversy—among not only vegans but meat-eaters, too. People can’t decide whether they would eat this product or not. And some of their opinions are STRONG.

This big, crazy food invention that’s dividing the internet? Lab-grown meat. Yup, you read that right. Memphis Meats, a Bay Area company, has successfully produced lab-grown duck meat, chicken meat, and beef. It’s actual meat, but no animals were killed for it.

Memphis Meats 

Are you scratching your head yet?

Memphis Meats creates its vegan meat using animal cells that regenerate themselves in large steel tanks. This method of meat production requires only 10 percent of the water and 1 percent of the land that’s currently used to raise and slaughter billions of cows, pigs, chickens, and other animals each year for food. This new technology is a huge breakthrough in the way we approach food, because it’s better for the environment and animals.

Still not sure whether you’d eat it or not? Let’s check out what the internet had to say when we asked, “Would you eat this?”

Some people figured, YOLO:

For some, it was a hard “no”:

The “good for them, not for me” mentality came up a few times:

But a lot of people were hundo p down with the lab-grown meat:

Some were still trying to fully understand what lab-grown meat is:

And some people … well, we’ll just leave this here:

Now that you’ve seen what the internet had to say, would you eat lab-grown meat? Whatever your opinion, you can spare the lives of more than 100 animals a year just by going vegan!

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