American MisfitsPro skateboarder Laban Pheidias is vegan. He is also an actor and producer, and he recently made the new video American Misfits. The video is a Jackass-meets- skateboarding story that will blow you away.

In the middle of their production schedule, Laban and his good friend David Bergthold made a commercial for PETA2. David is an awesome friend of PETA. He’s a vegetarian and he owns Blockhead Skateboards and Smash Technologies, which produces video segments for 411, the new Fox show 54321, and the show Blue Torch.

The commercial they made came out so well that they decided to put it in the new American Misfits video.

We want this video to be successful because it is the first-ever skateboard video that includes an animal rights message. We want this to be the beginning of something huge!And our commercial isn’t stuck at the end—they placed it right in the middle of the video. How cool is that?