May we proudly present our newest supporters: none other than the coolest electro-art-glam rockers this side of Timbuktu – Ladytron! With all our cred, we thought about renaming ourselves “Young, Cool, Indie Hipsters for the Ethical Treatment of Animals”, but we thought “YCIHETA” might not be as catchy an acronym! Mira “Bringing Sexy Back” Aroyo is one-quarter of Ladytron, and she knows that not only will you save animals from suffering in factory farms by going vegetarian, you´ll save the planet too!

How long have you been a vegetarian, and why did you decide to make the switch?

It was about nine years ago, and I wasn’t enjoying meat that much. I wasn’t that much into it, and why eat it if I’m not that much into it? When there are other people – growing economies – who start eating more and more meat, that puts more and more pressure on the land, like in Brazil, cutting down the rain forests and turning them into cattle fields and stuff like that.

So environmental reasons are important to you?

Yeah. You know, 70 years or so ago people used to have meat on a Friday or a Saturday. It was a once-a-week thing, and now people have meat maybe two or three times a day. As countries become more and more developed, their meat consumption grows, and that puts pressure on the land.

Do you think it’s more sustainable and healthier to eat a vegetarian diet?

Yeah, definitely healthier, because it makes you eat more diverse kinds of foods. In Bulgaria, for example, which is where I was born, people grow their own vegetables and everything is organic by default because they don’t have the funds for pesticides and fertilisers and stuff like that.

Do you know anything about factory farming, and was this any part of your decision to go veg?

Intensive farming … yeah, it’s not pleasant. It’s not pleasant when you see hog farms and conveyer belts of chickens. It’s not pleasant to see. But factory farming is also environmental, because of all the waste that gets disposed into rivers.

What are some of your favourite vegetarian places to eat when you’re on tour or in London?

I like Eastern food – like Oriental sort of cuisine. It’s easy to eat vegetarian in South Indian restaurants or other Indian restaurants or any Vietnamese or Japanese places.

So how easy do you think it is to be vegetarian in the UK?

Oh, it’s very easy!

One of our largest campaigns is against KFC. KFC is scalding chickens to death, cutting the beaks off baby birds and forcing birds to grow so large that they are crippled for their entire lives. What message would you have for KFC about how they treat their animals?

Well, I wouldn’t want to eat anything that’s like that; eating it does not appeal to me in any way. I really don’t like any fast-food chains anyway. I really don’t like places where you go and all they have is a McDonald’s and KFC, because it’s really bad food. And obviously, it’s not a very nice thing to do to chickens. Once you know what you’re eating … I just don’t see how anyone would want to eat something like that. It’s just eating flesh – not very nice.

We’re asking people to watch our video exposing cruelty at KFC and to decide for themselves if they want to support this abuse. What do you think about this strategy?

Yeah, people should be more aware of things and better informed. They should be better informed so they can make their own decisions.

Another issue that we work on is fur. Fashion and music sometimes go hand in hand. What do you think about slaughtering animals for their fur?

There’s no need. I definitely don’t condone it. Seals, for example – you go to Norway, and it’s quite disturbing because you go into the airport and they have these baby seal stuffed toys which are made of real seal skin. It’s like – wow, you’ve got these baby [toy] seals made out of dead seals, and you’re selling them to children. Nice.

How about some of the celebrities we see wearing fur, like Beyoncé, Madonna and J. Lo?

It’s not good – especially people like that, because they make fur look “cool”, so a lot of people then want to go and buy fur. You have to kill so many animals to make one fur coat.

Thanks, Mira!