We’ll be honest. We didn’t know what to expect when we bumped into the Lamb of God lads at the Sound of the Underground tour. After all, they are the kings of American death metal and we’re… um… not. Thankfully, bassist John Campbell and drummer Chris Adler, both of whom are vegetarian, granted our request without throwing us into the pit to see if we’d sink or swim.

Chris & John of Lamb of God

In fact, interviewing these guys was akin to interviewing good friends. They’re smart, funny, and witty, and they have hardcore opinions on all things animal rights. Need an example? OK, how about this—John hopes that KFC CEO David Novak’s money makes him comfortable in hell, because if there’s any justice, he’ll suffer and pay. But in order to find out who thinks you should kick the living daylights out of people who abuse animals, you’ll have to watch the interview for yourself.