So what is lard, you ask? Well, in short, it’s pretty much one of the nastiest things you’ve ever consumed in your life. Sorry, but it’s true:


Wipmolen Laaglandse Molen Hellouw reuzelvellen | Rasbak | CC By-SA 3.0 (image modified by adding text) 

Looks kind of like dried-up snot, doesn’t it?






To go into more detail, lard is the rendered fatty tissue of pigs, meaning that it’s basically pig fat that has been ground up to form a gross, greasy spread. As a matter of fact, manufacturers have to add antioxidants to lard to prevent it from going rancid, aka turning into ground-up, rotting pig sh*t.

Where can it be found?

  • Food containing shortening (e.g., baked goods)
  • Lubricants (ooh la la)
  • Soap … YES, SOAP.
  • Cosmetics

How to avoid it:

Now, before you panic and head for the hills …


… keep in mind that it’s easier than ever to live lard-free! When buying cosmetics, look for products that are labeled “cruelty-free.”

Need some help getting started? Order your FREE cruelty-free shopping guide here!

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As for food, as long you stick to vegan stuff, you’ll automatically be avoiding any and all animal-based ingredients! For baking, make sure to use vegetable-based shortening. Check out our free peta2 Guide To Going Vegan to help get you going on the right foot!


Guaranteed lard-free!

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