In her stunning new ad for peta2, actor Laura Vandervoort is naked and alone, confined to a tank to prove that being trapped and forced to perform “for entertainment” is no way to live. Laura only had to endure this experience for a few moments. Captive orcas lose their freedom for their entire lives.

laura vandervoort naked ad

Go behind-the-scenes with Laura Vandervoort in her exclusive peta2 interview!

Orcas in the wild:

  • Spend their entire lives in pods with their families
  • Use sonar to communicate with one another (and each pod has its own specific language)
  • Swim up to 100 miles every day
  • Live an average of 30 to 50 years

Orcas in captivity:

  • Are stolen from their families and isolated
  • Get confused and frustrated trying to communicate when their sonar bounces off the concrete walls of their tanks and echoes endlessly
  • Spend years trapped in barren tanks that, to them, are the size of a bathtub
  • Live an average of only nine years

Every SeaWorld ticket purchased directly contributes to animal suffering. Speak up for animals at SeaWorld, then share this important info with your friends and family!

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