Electronica musicians are known for using scrapbook-esque, cut-and-paste sampling and imagery, but members of Le Tigre want everyone to cut something else out—fur. The foursome recently posed for a peta2 anti-fur ad, under their own tagline “Don’t Let Your Honey Wear a Bunny.”

Wait a minute! Foursome? Kathleen, Johanna, J.D., and … Karen? “She was really calm and seemed to take to the high profile lifestyle,” Jo says of Karen, her bunny friend of six years.

Since the release of This Island, a political pop album featuring songs like “Tell You Now,” Le Tigre has dedicated themselves to telling everyone that there’s no excuse for wearing any fur. “If you have to murder another creature to be cool, you’re not very cool to start with,” says Kathleen. “There are so many beautiful fabrics that are out there now that are fur-like–that are also really warm.”

These fans of faux know that it’s better to fake for Karen’s sake. “I’ve always had rabbit pets, so to me it’s just really shocking to even smell a fur coat because it’s like the smell of a stale dead rabbit,” says Jo.

What does Karen have to say about the new anti-fur ad? She’s a woman of few words, but she twitches her nose in approval.

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