Fans of Fox’s hit show Glee (pretty much the entire universe) know Lea Michele as the sassy Rachel Berry, who dreams of becoming a big star. But we know Lea as a talented actor and singer with a heart of gold.

Speaking of gold, Lea recently earned a gold star from all of us here at peta2 when she agreed to take part in our anti-fur campaign. The Golden Globe nominee recorded an “If You Wouldn’t Wear Your Dog, Please Don’t Wear Any Fur,” TV PSA along with rescued pooch Sailor. Check out their PSA now!

Lea, a vegetarian whose extracurricular activities include rescuing strays, wants to educate everyone about the way millions of animals are killed for their fur every year. Says Lea, “Animals used for fur—including dogs and cats—suffer horrible deaths because some people think it’s ok to make a coat out of them. With so many fashionable, cruelty-free options available there’s really no excuse for joining a club that wears someone else’s coat.”

Rabbits, foxes, minks, raccoons, and other animals—and even dogs and cats—are anally electrocuted, strangled, bludgeoned, and drowned for their pelts. Many are even skinned alive.

The first thing that comes to Lea’s mind when she sees someone wearing fur is, “Why? Why do you need to have a fur coat? Why? You could be just as warm in … any other kind of coat that hasn’t … been made by killing animals. Why? And it’s ugly. You really look ugly. I don’t think you get it.” Exactly, Lea! With so many amazing alternatives available, there’s no reason for anyone to wear fur.

Lea told us that after seeing something about PETA on TV, she was inspired to hop online and find out how she could get involved, and she wants all her fans to know that it’s just that easy to get started helping animals. Find out what else Lea had to say when we chatted with her on the set of her peta2 TV public service announcement.

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