Don’t you just love it when all your friends get along and hang out together? We do! Which is why Linkin Park’s new song, “A Light That Never Comes,” featuring DJ Steve Aoki, is extra-awesome.

This isn’t the first time that Linkin Park and Aoki have been mentioned in the same breath. The band’s vocalist Chester Bennington and Aoki have both starred in peta2 ads speaking out against animals killed for their skins.

Whether you’d “rather be arrested” or choose “ink, not mink,” there’s no excuse to wear fur or any animal skins with so many fashionable, cruelty-free alternatives available.

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Chester Bennington

“A Light That Never Comes” is set to appear on Linkin Park’s upcoming album, Recharged, due out on October 29.

Aoki is hitting the road with Waka Flocka and other performers for the upcoming Aokify America Tour. Pick up tickets here, and stay tuned for more news. A little Nugget told me that peta2 may or may not be tagging along. 😉