borman818 / CC by 2.0

Out of allll of the excuses people pull for not going vegan, the one that I hate the most (at least right now) is “veganism is too expensive!” Umm … are you kidding me? Seriously?

Let’s clear this up. Veganism is NOT expensive. Beans, rice, potatoes, and veggies are all some of the cheapest, easiest to find, and healthiest things that you can possibly eat. Meat, dairy, eggs … those things are expensive … and you know what else is expensive? Health bills!

Yeah yeah, I know … we’re not all old and worried about heart disease, cancer, and strokesyet. But diets high in animal protein, cholesterol (which is impossible to consume with a vegan diet) and saturated fat (aka: meat-based diets) play a key role in the leading causes of death in the U S of A. Yikes. If you’re not payin’ for it now, you’ll be payin’ for it later—that’s for sure.

Even if you’re in college, even if you live with your parents, even if you’re unemployed, you can still be vegan. Pasta sauce with noodles, black beans and rice with your fave spices, vegetarian chili, tofu or veggie stir fry … all things easily found at your local grocery store—and cheap, too! You don’t have to go out and buy extravagant specialty products to be vegan, it’s as simple as checking the ingredients on every day products.  It’s never impossible.

So next time you want to pull out your trusty “It’s too expensive!” excuse, think again. Is it really? Or are you just trying to justify your choices to continue eating animals? Go vegan already and stop fibbing to yourself!! 🙂

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