How to get people to stop eating fish in two seconds flat? Let them bring home a package of salmon with live worms crawling in and out of the flesh. That did it for Jen Chafitz of Glendale, Arizona, after she brought this home from her local grocery store:

So, I went to the Ralph's on Highland and Day Creek today and this happened.

Posted by Angela Cordero on Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The salmon she bought was “wild-caught,” but the gross conditions on aquafarms mean that “farm-raised” fish often have diseases and infestations of parasites as well. 💀 Yep! This is actually a thing.

Watch as other consumers show what their local grocery stores offered:

Eating dead flesh is not only gross, it also causes intense suffering for animals. Fish slaughter plants in the U.S. make no effort to stun the fish, who are completely conscious when they start down the slaughter line. Their gills are cut, and they are left to bleed to death, convulsing in pain. Large fish, such as salmon, are sometimes bashed on the head with a wooden bat called a “priest,” and many are seriously injured but still alive and suffering when they are cut open.

If this grosses you out, try our easy recipes that can be made with Gardein’s Golden Fishless Filets!

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