Five members of Living Legends recently shared some interesting thoughts on animal rights and personal health with peta2. The hip-hop crew, based out of Los Angeles, is a family of verbal crafters. With a catalog of more than 50 full-length albums—including collectives and solos—Living Legends are known by true hip-hop lovers everywhere. They have a lot to say about social justice and everyday issues on their albums, and peta2 has learned that these fellas aren’t just talkin’ the talk.

With an album title like Crusader for Justice (2002), The Grouch doesn’t lack insight into important issues. This Living Legends member is passionate about the rights of both human and nonhuman beings. The Grouch knows all about the cruelty and injustice that take place in factory farms and slaughterhouses—including the fact that male chicks are ground up alive by the egg industry, which prompted his vegan lifestyle.

Inspired by his brother-in-law, who refused to eat animals even as a young child, The Grouch and his wife, Larissa, are both committed to their health and to not killing animals for the sake of pleasing their palates. Not on the vegetarian tip yet? Try it on for size by taking the Veg Pledge. You’ll feel better physically and mentally because you won’t be filling your body with fat, cholesterol, antibiotics, pus, feces, chemicals, and other poisons commonly found in animal products—or harming animals to please your palate.