Logan Paul posted an extremely disrespectful video earlier this week, and the internet isn’t having it. In the video, he took a fish out of water and tased two dead rats. It’s looking like his “comeback” fell flat. And he pissed off a LOT of people in the process.

From celebs to YouTube officials, Paul is getting on everyone’s LAST nerve. Check out Twitter’s response to the disgraced YouTuber:

Sarcasm at its finest. ?

YouTube also got involved. In addition to placing the story in its Twitter Moments, YouTube Creators announced that it recently “suspended ads on his channels.” In other words, the disgraced YouTuber won’t make a profit from his latest video, which blatantly disrespects animals, or any other videos featured on his channels. $orry, dude.

Animal Cruelty Is NEVER OK

We hope Paul has learned to stop disrespecting animals—both human and nonhuman—in his shameful videos. He’s already been slammed for posting a video of a suicide victim while traveling in Japan, and it appears that he hasn’t learned his lesson. Promoting cruelty to others, whether living or dead, nonhuman or human, is NOT acceptable. It’s not OK to treat any animals in such a cruel manner. They’re not props to be used to gain more followers or video views.

How You Can Help

Please, do not support Paul—or any other YouTuber—who gets off on disrespecting animals for a senseless video. If you ever see or hear that people are abusing an animal for a photo or video or any other reason, stop them if you can do so safely and call animal control or the police. If neither is responsive, contact PETA.