Good news! After a PETA investigation, Lucy, Peggy, and more than 200 other rabbits were rescued from filthy, cruel conditions at a Maryland hoarding facility. Check out this video of the investigation! 

Peggy and Lucy were among the rabbits kept in cramped, stacked cages inside Bunny Magic Wildlife & Rabbit Rescue, Inc., in Lusby, Maryland. Bunny Magic called itself a “no-kill sanctuary,” but it was really a hoarding facility.

After we received a tip from a whistleblower, PETA found that Bunny Magic consisted of little more than a garage, which reeked of ammonia, and a dark, dirty shed. Rabbits are very particular about remaining extremely clean, yet Peggy, Lucy, and the rest of the bunnies were kept in up to 4 inches of their own droppings and urine. 🙁

The rabbits received little attention, and their nails had become overgrown and curled back toward their foot pads, which are super-sensitive! The hoarder’s rabbits were also denied needed veterinary and nursing care. One rabbit, Rockette, even suffered from a severely twisted neck and would struggle just to stand up! She was left helpless, lying in her own waste—until she died. 🙁 As if that weren’t bad enough, the hoarder’s freezer was crammed full of dead rabbits!

On August 8, thanks to PETA’s evidence, the rabbits were rescued. In September, the owner of Bunny Magic was convicted of cruelty to animals! Peggy, Lucy, and hundreds more like them were given a new life. After their veterinary examinations, they were finally able to breathe fresh air and stretch their legs! And Bunny Magic’s victims now have a real home and people to love them forever. 🙂

lucy and peggy from bunny magic rescuebrown bunnyblack bunny

You can help this from ever happening again! Never be silent when animals are in trouble. If you know of an animal in danger, contact your local police department as soon as you can. If the police are unresponsive, contact PETA immediately.

Finally, before adopting any animals, please make sure that you’re ready to make a lifetime commitment to caring for them!