Hailing from Arizona, Lydia formed in early 2003 and got their first break not long after. The band was entered in a contest that was run by clothing company Atticus, and one of their songs was picked to be featured on the company’s Dragging the Lake compilation CD, alongside Taking Back Sunday, Fall Out Boy, and Death Cab for Cutie, among others. Since then, the sextet has amassed a loyal following of fans and enjoyed well-deserved praise from critics and hipsters alike.

I’m sure it’s not easy being the only girl on tour with a band full of boys, but Mindy is more than happy to share the stage every night with her fellow band members, as they continue to tour the states in support of their highly anticipated sophomore album Illuminate. The band started off 2009 with a bang, embarking on their first headlining tour leading up to the album’s release in March. Even though the band has gone through a few line-up changes, they seem to have found a formula that works this time around and have solidified themselves as a respected indie band that never shies away from innovation.

As with most vegan and vegetarian musicians, getting to try tasty food all over the country is a definite perk. No matter where they play or what city they’re hanging out in that night, Mindy says she can always find delicious vegetarian items on the menu. We recently sat down with Mindy to hear her thoughts on being vegetarian, dissection in schools, and her experience being a member of peta2.

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