The latest MasterChef cook-off has given us serious food envy. Riverdale actor and peta2 Hottest Vegetarian Celeb winner Madelaine Petsch entered into the kitchen to cook a yummy vegan meal against none other than … Gordon Ramsay himself! Watch the hilarious vid and Gordon’s face once he realizes that the challenge is 100 percent vegan:

To celebrate that his YouTube cooking show reached 1 billion views, Ramsay went head to head against Petsch using only vegan ingredients. The seasoned chef chose a seared cauliflower steak and spiced chickpeas, while Petsch made a yummy kale pesto with kelp noodles. ? Ramsay cut a few corners when he tricked Petsch and got some help, but she brought serious game and won the competition. ??

Has Petsch successfully persuaded Ramsay to ditch animal-derived foods for a delicious plate of vegan goodness? Well, he did recently add a tasty vegan pizza option at his new restaurant and had a vegan cooking challenge on MasterChef Junior. Now, he’s prepared an entirely vegan meal in his own cook-off! We think that he just might turn over a new leaf. ?

Want to Switch Things Up? Go Vegan ?

You don’t have to be a master chef to go vegan. All you need is a huge heart for animals and some trusted, scrumptious vegan recipes. peta2’s got you covered on both fronts. Check out our “Guide to Going Vegan” for tips, tricks, and more. By going vegan, you can save over 100 animals each year, help out the environment, and be an all-around animal rights badass.  ??❤