An Oak Park, Michigan, man posted a video of himself torturing a mouse with a stun gun until the animal died. The man identified by police only as “David” purchased the mouse at a Petco store, took the animal to his car, and joked while he stunned the animal two or three times.

Warning: Graphic content!

The video, which has been played almost 100,000 times and was covered by local news media, cost David his job and led local law enforcement to confiscate the stun gun and seek cruelty charges against him.

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But none of that will stop Petco from continuing to sell animals to anyone willing to pay for them. At stores like Petco and PetSmart, mice cost as little as a few dollars and rats are under $10.

David may have filmed his abuse of this mouse, but there’s no way to know what happens to all the mice who are purchased from pet stores every day. Even people with the best intentions often purchase these inexpensive animals on a whim with little knowledge of how much money and effort it actually takes to care for them, and the animals end up being neglected.

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Before ending up for sale, mice also have to survive hellish conditions at Petco’s suppliers’ facilities. PETA has investigated and exposed rampant animal abuse at four different Petco suppliers.

What You Can Do: 

Like all animals, mice have the capacity to experience pain and fear, but at pet stores, they are treated like mere products. Always adopt, and never buy animals from pet stores. Please refuse to shop at Petco until the store stops selling animals as if they were packs of gum.

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