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Andrew Thomas Lee 

With a style ranging from hysteric post-punk to melancholy folk-tinged rock, Atlanta-based band Manchester Orchestra has seen the devotion of its rabid fan base grow with each new album.  The release of LP number four, Cope, has proved to be no different, propelling the band through a widely sold-out U.S. tour.

peta2 recently caught up with the band’s lead guitarist, Robert McDowell, to pick his brain about his adopted canines back home and why Manchester Orchestra just might be indie rock’s biggest band of dog lovers. Consider that a challenge to the scene.

With four studio albums under their belt, the members of Manchester Orchestra are no strangers to spending time on the road. But not even endless touring can prepare you for leaving behind the creature comforts of home—most notably, friends and family. Which is why the band came up with the best idea for a tour ever—BYOB! No, we’re not talking about booze. McDowell and the rest of the crew called upon fans to bring their own “bitch” (referring to female dogs; relax) to shows so they could all hang out.

Says McDowell, “When you’re on the road, you don’t have that companionship and you don’t have that love from the dog, so fans submit pictures of their dogs. We would pick a random dog, they would bring the dog in, we’d hang out with them.” Sounds like a dream tour.

In my family, we always just connected well with dogs … that unconditional excitement and love.

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