Masta KillaIt’s no secret that the Wu-Tang Clan’s Masta Killa, whose sophomore release, Made in Brooklyn, received critical acclaim, is a passionate artist who takes his work seriously. Never one to disappoint his fans or fellow Wu-Tang members, he gives his all and stays true to his principles—whether he’s hard at work in the studio or just living his everyday life.

So it was no surprise to us that he agreed to star in an ad for peta2 promoting the benefits of vegetarianism—something he’s followed for more than a decade. Masta Killa, who admits to being forced to eat meat as a child, is urging people to think before they eat in his new public service announcement: “Go veg—for animals, for your health, for life.”

“I’ll do anything that’s going to save animals,” explains Masta Killa. “Anytime I can encourage people to think twice before [doing] anything to animals … that’s a good thing.” What about you? What would you do to save animals? We think that taking the Veg Pledge is a great place to start. Getting meat off your plate and out of your diet is much easier than you think, and you won’t even miss it—Masta Killa doesn’t. Check out the exclusive footage from the photo shoot and find out what else he had to say about how animals should be treated.