The Wu-Tang Clan’s Masta Killa wants you to know why he and his son, Eternal, are vegetarians. That’s why they’re starring in a vegetarian testimonial video for peta2.

After skipping the turkey one Thanksgiving more than 13 years ago and realizing that he didn’t miss it, Masta Killa eliminated flesh from his diet and has never looked back. In fact, helping to put an end to cruelty to animals is something that The Wu-Tang Clan’s most mysterious MC feels very strongly about.

Over the past few years, Masta Killa has helped us spread the word by posing for a print ad urging his fans to “go veg … for life” and by making sure that our leaflets were distributed at his shows. So when we contacted him about our vegetarian testimonial series, he and his adorable son, Eternal, were excited to be a part of it. Check it out!

While growing up, Masta Killa’s grandmother’s dog was always considered a part of the family, and Masta Killa was taught to love and respect animals from an early age. He is now passing on that love for animals to Eternal. He says, “Now that I’m a parent, I’m teaching my son to love and respect all life too. We don’t think that any creature should have to suffer and die for our dinner when there are so many other foods for us to choose from.”

Masta Killa knows that being vegetarian isn’t just the best thing that you can do to help animals—it’s also good for your health and the planet. He says that if you don’t want to take his word for it, you should watch the film Eating. Check out what else Masta Killa had to say in this new interview for peta2.

Convinced yet that the best way to help animals is to stop eating them? By not eating animals, you’ll also be improving your own health and healing the planet at the same time. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Just click the link below to take the “Pledge to Be Veg” and get started making the world a better place.