Have you ever seen a video, heard a song, or read a book that completely changed your mind about something? It’s definitely an experience that I’ve had, and apparently I’m not alone. Watch the video below to find out what made Mayday Parade lead singer Derek Sanders go meat-free.

I was hooked on Mayday the first time that I listened to 2007’s A Lesson in Romantics. Opening with a track that’s instantly catchy, with lyrics that are both hopeful and filled with resentment, the debut album from Mayday Parade put the band on the pop-punk map in a major way, and they haven’t looked back. After years of touring with all the heavy hitters (see All Time Low, The Academy Is, The Maine, etc.), the band hit the road for Warped Tour this summer in support of their new release, Anywhere But Here, and peta2 was there to catch it all! We caught up with lead singer Derek Sanders to chat about his new-found vegetarian diet, what prompted him to make the switch (hint: check out this book), his fave vegetarian foods, and, of course, what he thinks of girls who wear real fur.