Have you ever wanted to hear what life is like for the seal who travels with PETA? Well, you’re in luck! PETA’s resident seal campaigner has taken some time to write a blog about her experiences—check her out!

When I heard about the Canadian seal slaughter, I knew I had to help because … well, I’M a seal, duh! And we’ve got to stick together.  Sealers routinely hook seals like me in the cheek, mouth, or even our eyes to avoid damaging our fur—seriously. Some of us are even skinned alive—scary, right? News flash people, it’s our fur—nachos!

Here are some of my favorite moments sticking up for other seals this year:

Sometimes things can get a little scary, but I am determined to speak up for my fellow seals!

I got to chill with a cover band—that appeared to be on the run. Can you guess which band’s songs they cover?

Sometimes diplomatic visits even catch my attention. I made sure the Chinese president knew my position on the Canadian seal slaughter when he visited Ottawa recently.

This campaign is so important, that we reach out to people in other languages. I’ve been known to protest en espanol, tambien. Actually, I think it’s safe to say that I’ve protested in “Spanglish.”

I’ve also resorted to puns to get the word out. This pun is particularly delicious, though. 😉

Oh, and did I mention that I get tons of hugs?

Even though I’m a pretty busy gal, I took time out of my schedule to film a rap video—yep, I’m pretty talented! Check me out. Word.

Being an active seal is definitely tiring since I’m used to lounging—but knowing that I’m making a difference for my furry friends totally keeps me going.

My friends in Canada need YOUR help, too—so please let the Canadian government know that we don’t want to die a gruesome death, or be part of a dying industry.

What are some things that you’ve done to help seals?