peta2 got to speak with guitarist/singer Corin Tucker of Sleater-Kinney. She talked about the direction of their band and confirmed that just like anyone who is cool, they are animal lovers.

peta2: First about your album, One Beat. It’s a new sound for you guys, while still carrying a distinct Sleater-Kinney sound. I was wondering what it was about this time and this album that allowed you to take risks.

Corin: I think we really wanted to take risks because it was the sixth record we were making together. Also I think that because we had a long break before we went into the studio, it freed us up to get out of a rut of doing the same thing and do something very different with what we were doing.

peta2: In the earlier days of your band, did you feel that you had anything to prove and have you proved that?

Corin: I think most bands have something to prove when they start out. I think the ultimate thing to prove is that you are a good band, and I think that was very true for us as well. I think that the fact that we are three women in a really sexist music industry is definitely a part of what we are about, but we wanted to be taken seriously as musicians and as writers and as women as well.

I think we’re very well respected in the musicians’ community, which is way cooler than being the most popular band. We’re not as rich and famous, but other musicians respect us, which is really good.

peta2: Tell me about your decision to tour with Pearl Jam.

Corin: Well, they’ve been friends of ours and supportive of us for a while. Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam was doing a pirate radio show in Seattle a few years ago and invited me up to speak and talk about being involved in the pro-choice movement. So we had talked about doing some dates with them for a while and it just sort of worked out.

peta2: Are there issues concerning animal welfare or the environment that you guys are involved in or that concern you?

Corin: I would have to say that Janet is really the animal person. She almost became a veterinarian in her life. Janet and Carrie are both really big animal people. I am as well, but they are pretty intensely involved in those issues. We think that treating animals with kindness is really important in terms of not testing on animals. I think it’s a really important thing, which the animal welfare movement has changed over the past decade.