If you’ve ever struggled with sharing the message of animal rights with your younger siblings, we feel you—and things are about to change!

The new animated movie Delhi Safari teaches children that animals belong in the wild and takes kids on a journey with five super-cute animated animals as they fight to save their forest home from being destroyed by humans!

These lovable characters come together to meet with the Indian prime minister in Delhi, and because animals and humans don’t speak the same language, a parrot named Alex saves the day! Alex is fluent in English! (Fun fact: Many parrots can actually speak human language and can learn words and phrases to communicate with their guardians! Cool, right?!) And did I mention that the movie is in 3-D?

Delhi Safari

OK, so I’m a huge movie lover, and my close friends know that I don’t like spoilers, so I’ll stop there!

Check out the trailer and see if Delhi Safari is playing near you by using GATHR or buying tickets online.

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