So, like the band Maná for its platinum albums, global appeal, and Latin, Afro, Cuban, and funk influences, but love it for its commitment to animals. It started the Selva Negra (Black Forest) Foundation, which includes the protection and release of more than 700,000 endangered turtles, the preservation of crocodiles, wolves, and humpback whales, and reforestation projects in Colombia.

The men of Maná sat down with PETA’s Marci Hansen, and she asked them some questions about their compassionate ways:

peta2: Was there an incident that made you more sympathetic to animals?

Maná: It’s hard to forget occasions when we’ve witnessed a violent act directed against animals, and it’s so common, it’s scary. In our case, “kindness toward animals” is not the result of a trauma, it stems from a certitude: To the extent that we are able to live together with other living things on this planet, we will be able to have a future as a species; after all, violence toward animals is a mirror that reflects on how we relate to each other.

peta2: What animal abuse issue do you find most disturbing?

Maná: We are concerned about violence, no matter whom it’s directed to, but we are angered by the violence directed toward those
who are helpless, like the animals. What type of violence toward animals would we highlight? All of it, there’s no violent act that’s not worthy of damnation.

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