Megan Massacre "Cruelty-Free Beauty"

Tattoo artist and TV personality Megan Massacre is known not only for her starring roles on NY Ink and America’s Worst Tattoos but also for her appearance in a smokin’-hot ad for peta2. Now, she’s back in action as peta2’s lifestyle correspondent, and she’s sharing her tips for achieving the perfect cruelty-free look.

Manic Panic‘s iconic brand of “guilt-free glamour” has been a staple for cruelty-free fashionistas since 1977. Its high-volatge vegan dyes come in every color of the rainbow, so you can match your hair color to your mood. Be pretty in pink with pastel shades, or turn heads with high-intensity hues of blue and turquoise. The best part is that no matter which look you choose, it’ll be 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free.

Watch Megan Massacre’s easy-to-follow hair tutorials
to achieve a sleek and sexy look or get a glamours head of curls!

Hundreds of thousands of bunnies and other small animals are poisoned, blinded, and killed every year in cruel and archaic tests for cosmetics and hair-care products—even though humane, modern, and effective non-animal testing methods exist.

Wake up and smell the technology, people! Ain’t nobody got time for that nonsense. Which is why we our besties at Manic Panic, who’ve mastered vibrant colors and bold new looks—all while keeping the welfare of animals in mind.


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When it’s time to get your shop on, remember: Always check peta2’s online database of companies that don’t test on animals, or reference your handy peta2 pocket shopping guide for more great cruelty-free brands.


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