The Internet is NOT happy with two men who “surfed” on top of a beached turtle in Queensland, Australia, last weekend. But angry Facebook comments weren’t the guys’ only problem—according to reports they were also being investigated by authorities.

Posted by Matt Wright on Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The photo—in which the men are seen drinking and standing on top of the turtle—was posted to Facebook by 26-year-old Ricky Rogers with the caption “Surfed a tortoise on zee weekend.. gnarly duddddeeeee.” After receiving thousands of angry comments, Rogers broke his silence. 

As reported in the Fraser Coast Chronicle, Rogers claims that he and his friends saw the turtle and pulled over to see if they could help him or her. When he got closer, he saw that the animal was already dead, and that’s when he posed for the photo. 

sea turtle

The men will reportedly not be fined since the turtle was already dead, but that doesn’t mean that what they did was OK. Turtles—and all animals—are unique individuals with personalities and feelings. You wouldn’t want someone to disgrace and mock your deceased dog or cat. It’s not OK to treat any animal in such a callous manner. Animals are not selfie props to be used to gain more “likes” or comments. 

What to Do if You See a Wild Animal

Never, ever touch a marine animal or remove him or her from the water. 

If you see an animal who is clearly hurt or sick or if you see someone harassing an animal, call a wildlife rehabilitator or local authorities immediately. If no one is willing or able to help quickly, contact PETA.

Spread the word: Share this story and let the world know that animals are NOT OURS to use as props for a selfie or for any other reason. 🙅

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