John Feldmann

It’s no secret that John Feldmann, singer for the popular punk band Goldfinger, is an avid peta2 supporter. Which is why we met up with John at none other than the PETA headquarters, located in Norfolk, Virginia, where Goldfinger began its highly anticipated tour with pals Good Charlotte and Mest. We gave John and his wife, Amy, a tour of our building before we held a ceremony in his honor during which we dedicated our Audio-Visual Department to him. We felt that this was pretty appropriate, considering John’s work in the music industry and because of the powerful images that he has put forth in the name of animal rights.

Goldfinger’s Open Your Eyes CD includes the bonus video track “Free Me,” which is dedicated to animals who have been killed for meat. “Free Me” has become one of our most compelling videos. peta2 shows “Free Me” at festivals, concerts, and other tabling events nationwide. In just under three minutes, this video and personal message from John has opened the eyes of people in ways that they probably never wanted in the first place. The images, combined with the music, will haunt you for life. We always have it with us.

It’s no secret that John is a staunch vegan and supporter of PETA and animal rights. If you’ve been to any of Goldfinger’s shows or if you’ve been to any location where John is (and he’s been on peta2 quite often!), then you know that he’s done everything in his power to make sure that his voice is lent to those who don’t have one—the animals who are abused in far too many facets of society to list here, most notably the violent meat and dairy industries.


He recorded a PETA radio PSA urging his legions of young fans to stop eating the “garbage” being fed to them by the meat industry. He has liberated lobsters from supermarket tanks and helped organize a protest at an L.A. circus. He also recently recorded a message on PETA’s fur hotline, asking people to “get rid of the unsightly hair on [their] back[s]” by donating their unwanted fur coats to PETA. He sat for an on-camera interview for PETA2 and did an interview for PETA’s Grrr! magazine, in which he discusses his road to animal rights. Hell, he’s even contributed to Veg Cooking, where he gave major props to the amazing vegetarian restaurant Soul Vegetarian South. Most recently, John has taken time off from his busy tour schedule to lead several KFC protests in cities where Goldfinger is performing throughout the country. To top it off, John never ceases to sign PETA literature at either our omnipresent peta2 booth or at any Goldfinger show.

He’s always on and we couldn’t have hoped for a better advocate.