Inspiration, along with love and kindness, is what Metta World Peace is all about.

It’s a fitting mission that goes hand and hand with peta2’s mission—and as the NBA All-Star and all-around friend to animals is no stranger to speaking out for those who can’t, he has joined up with peta2 once again for a powerful new public service announcement.


You can totally guard your home team, too, by standing up for animals—no matter where you live—and putting World Peace’s message into action.

Cruelty to animals can come in many forms, including keeping dogs chained outdoors without proper food, water, or shelter; failing to provide sick or hurt animals with veterinary care; leaving dogs in hot cars on warm days; and so much more.

If you ever witness an animal in trouble, SPEAK UP!
It only takes a moment to change the life of an animal who is facing abuse and exploitation.

Campaign co-stars Stella and Athena—the adorable pups featured here with World Peace—are rescued dogs with happy endings. Athena’s human companion found her abandoned on the side of the road and scooped her up. Athena now lives a healthy, happy life indoors, where she is given lots of love and affection.

Stella was just a little pup when she was found wandering around a Los Angeles apartment building. Luckily, a vigilant citizen found her and rescued her from the dangerous streets. Stella’s savior cleaned her up and tried to find her a home but fell in love and gave her a forever home instead. Now they are teaming up with Metta World Peace and peta2 to help other animals in need.

You can make a difference and save lives by using your voice. NEVER BE SILENT!