MxPx are amazing! They have not only stuck together as best friends and a band for more than a decade, they’ve also done it with their spirits high and their values intact. And just what are those values? Keep reading to find out…

What are your thoughts on peta2?
I know that you guys are out there to spread the word and get people involved. I always see you guys at shows, and you guys have always been really cool, and I think what you are doing is really great.

So did you have a dog or cat in your life while you were growing up, or do you now?
I have a dog named Ali and a cat named Josie. And our dog is like our kid. We take care of her—we take her everywhere with us, and we never leave her alone for more than a couple of hours. It literally is like having a kid, and obviously, I’m out of town a lot, but my wife’s not, but if we’re both gonna be out of town, we have a friend come over and stay with the dog. It’s like ridiculous, just having a dog. It’s like, man, I don’t think I’m gonna have kids because that’s hard enough. But you know, it definitely brings joy to our lives, having companions and stuff. Like parents that have a first child or something, and it doesn’t matter what it looks like, it’s like the cutest kid in the world. That’s kind of what its like. Pets are the best.

How do you feel when you see people treating their animal companions poorly?
Well, it usually really pisses me off. And seeing dogs in a car on a hot day or something like that always bugs me out, you know? It’s a privilege to be able to take care of an animal. And I really think they need to be treated well and be treated with love, just like any human would, just like you would treat your kid. And the thing is, it’s like people everywhere treat their own kids like crap; it’s just the type of people that are cruel to anybody.

People are allowed to have kids or allowed to have pets. You don’t need to get a license to have a kid like you would get a license to drive. But it almost seems like you should because it’s so much more responsibility. I just think it’s a big responsibility, and I don’t take it very lightly.

What do you think about schools that refuse to give kids the right to choose not to dissect?
I definitely don’t think that you should have to do that. There are other ways to learn about the human body and about animals and about animals’ organs.

Why do you think it’s that punk and animal rights issues go hand in hand?
It’s not really the same as most other types of music because the focus isn’t supposed to be on money. The focus is supposed to be on social issues and social commentary and injustice and … But not only that, you know, just speaking from your heart and being artistic and—you know, whatever it is you believe, communicating that in an honest way. And I think that that’s what punk rock has always been about.

If there’s one thing that you could tell your fans about having compassion or getting involved with something that they care about, what would it be?
We’ve always been the kind of band to tell people “know what you believe and know why you believe it.” Take initiatives and learn. Learn about life.

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