Metal heads and veganism go seemingly hand in hand, especially when it comes to death metal band The Faceless and their fearless guitarist, Mike Keene. It’s almost as if the aggression and hardcore thrashing expressed through the band’s steadfast musical technique directly correlates with Keene’s personal dietary politics.

Mike Keene will not eat anything with a face. He understands the fear and terror that animals endure on factory farms and specifically says that he never enjoyed ripping through the boney carcass of a fish. Keene adopted a vegan diet while challenging a moral dilemma, telling us that when it comes to eating the flesh of animals, “Seeing this thing that was living and seeing it dead on a plate, and ripping it apart and putting it in my mouth was so disgusting to me.” Of course, we agree—it is disgusting!

We know that living conditions for cattle, pigs, chickens, and other animals on factory farms are far less than ideal, and when it comes to our aquatic friends, conditions in the sea aren’t much better. Fish often live in water that is so gross and contaminated, you wouldn’t dream of drinking or swimming in it! And if you’re eating fish, you’re eating that toxic waste—so it’s no surprise to learn that seafood is the number one cause of food poisoning in the United States. It’s a straight up fact and further ammunition that a vegan diet is not only the healthiest but also the most environmentally friendly and kindest way to express yourself. And that, my friends, is pretty rockin’.