Punk and rockabilly icon Mike Ness wants you to know that the factory farming of animals is the number one cause of climate change.

To help spread the word about the effects of factory farming on both animals and the environment, the Social Distortion singer posed for his first ad with peta2 next to the tagline, according to the United Nations, raising animals for food is “one of the top two or three most significant contributors to the most serious environmental problems, at every scale from local to global.”

Check out what Mike had to say!

As if that weren’t enough, did you know that producing one hamburger uses enough fossil fuels to drive a small car 20 miles and enough water for 17 showers? Did you know that 70 percent of the leveled Amazon rain forest is used to raise animals for meat consumption? Sadly, these facts are true, and they’re proof that the effects of factory farming of animals are devastating to our planet.

If you are concerned about animals and the devastating effect that factory farming has on the environment, follow Mike Ness’ lead and sign our petition to get all meat properly labeled with a warning that clearly states that meat is the number one cause of climate change!

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