macbeth-first-step-mindy-white-header Because “The First Step” campaign is about encouraging YOU to stand up for animals one step at a time, peta2 bestie Mindy White came aboard as soon as we told her about our awesome new peta2 x Macbeth “Gatsby” shoe!


[T]here are other options for shoes besides leather.

Did you know that you can make cruelty-free choices not only with what you eat but also with what you wear? Show compassion through your fashion by avoiding leather (and fur, exotic skins, and anything else that involves the use of animals). You’ll be saving animals and, um, you won’t be wearing the flesh of a dead animal anymore (gross!).

Want to help animals and humans?

Donate your old leather shoes to a homeless shelter or nonprofit and share a photo of your good deed with us by uploading it when you sign the leather-free pledge below.

The best part? We’ll give you a promo code for a pair of peta2 x Macbeth shoes!

By signing my name, I pledge to ditch leather shoes and instead purchase animal-friendly, cruelty-free vegan shoes.

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