Nina Davuluri made history the night she was crowned Miss America 2014. As the first Indian American to take home the esteemed title, Nina won the hearts of millions with her platform to celebrate diversity. Now she’s using her winning smile and compassionate spirit to save America’s homeless animals.

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Animal shelters in the U.S. are full beyond belief with perfectly healthy, happy, lovable animals waiting for the chance at a new life. While breeders continue to bring new litters of puppies and kittens into an already overpopulated world, animals in shelters sit in cages or await euthanasia.

When it comes to fun, companionship, loyalty, and so much more, there’s nothing you can get from a “purebred” dog that you can’t get from a mixed-breed mutt. Join Nina Davuluri and celebrate diversity by giving your heart to a rescued dog!

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