What’s a good way to know that that the dairy industry is shaking in its boots? It’s released a series of ridiculously laughable ads trying to scare people away from cruelty-free nondairy milks, which are actually healthier!

Let’s show the milk board that it can’t dupe us—and that support for its cruel industry (one that breaks apart families, forcibly impregnates cows, and lies to consumers) will only continue to decline as compassionate consumers wise up!

Here’s how:

  • Snap a photo of yourself with your favorite nondairy milk (hemp, almond, rice, soy … you get it!)
  • Post the photo to your Facebook wall and tag the “Got Milk?” Facebook page (learn how to tag pages here) with a caption like “@Got Milk? Cow’s milk is intended for baby cows, not humans. Loving my nondairy milk!” See an example below if you need help!