1. Not draining tofu before cooking with it

Water tofu scramble
Photo by: Augapfel | CC by 2.0 

I hope you like your tofu scramble soupy.

P.S. Cook it right!

2. Yelling at your nonvegan friends for eating meat

processed milk facility

We get it, you want the whole world to go vegan. We want that, too, but yelling at your friends won’t get you (or animals!) anywhere.

Veganize your friends in three easy steps!

3. Assuming that all lactose-free products are vegan

dairy free milk meme

BEWARE: Many products labeled as lactose-free can still contain dairy products. Be sure to check the label to make sure that products are 100 percent dairy-free!

4. Thinking that all you can eat is celery

vegan junk food

New vegans might not know that all these wonderful, magical foods are accidentally vegan. And guess what? There are many more out there!

5. Thinking that peanut butter contains butter and that coconut milk contains milk

Peanut butter and coconut milk collage
Photo by: La.Catholique | CC by 2.0 

I know you were asking yourself this. Don’t worry—it’ll be our little secret.

6. Ordering the salad option at restaurants

boring salad sad face

Seriously, don’t be that person—you have options!


7. Not being sure if soda is vegan

is soda vegan


[peta-gif gif_id="4207" width="300"] Soda addicts, rejoice!

8. Thinking that French fries are a food group

french fries all day every day

French fries are a gift from the carb gods, but as much as it hurts, you can’t live off them alone. There are so many delicious vegan foods out there calling your name and waiting for you to give them a try!

dog and food

9. Thinking that you’re still a vegetarian if you eat fish


10. Resorting to eating peanuts and pretzels when traveling

Guess what? You don’t have to! Vegan-friendly restaurants are popping up everywhere, and there’s even an app to help you find them.

happy cow app find vegan food

11.  Wearing only brown, grassy-looking clothes

vegan shoes bags clothes

All vegan!


Dude, vegan clothes are EVERYWHERE!

12. Sabotaging yourself on Facebook

facebook vegan posts crazy


Don’t spam yourself—it just overwhelms people. Instead post recipes, videos, and photos of yummy vegan food. Oh, and don’t forget to let people know how they can help!

Screenshot of passing out leaflets facebook

Much better!

And don’t forget to “like” peta2 on Facebook!

13. Letting fear stop you from protesting 

paty student group protesting mcdonalds

Just stand there with a poster and smile for several minutes. That’s it.

Want to organize your own? Let us know, and we’ll help and hook you up with FREE materials!

14. Being rude to waiters

dos and donts of eating out

Everybody makes mistakes, and waiters will be quick to fix something if you’re polite. It’s just Being a Human 101.

We’ve all messed up once or twice, but one thing that you definitely haven’t done wrong is making the decision to save hundreds of animals by leaving them off your plate. Be proud of being vegan!


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