Stuart Braithwaite @ mono 

Stuart Braithwaite from Mogwai is very compassionate. Once upon a time when he was a wee lad, his mom told him that pigs cry when they know they are about to die, and that’s all it took for him to face his food and go vegetarian.

Check out Stuart on Mogwai’s tour bus telling us all about his story. 

Whether you decide to switch to a plant-based diet because you feel super-sympathetic toward animals (because who wouldn’t?!), are an environmentalist doing whatever you can to save the world, or are just trying to live a healthier life, all are valid reasons for ditching meat!

Vegetarian and vegan foods are also so easy to find! Check your local grocery store for vegan meats and snacks and get to know the produce section. If you ever have a question, peta2 is here for you. Whether it’s advice on vegan eating around the world, tips on being vegan in college, or ideas for crazy-awesome vegan cake hacks, we’ve got your back!

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