Ever since finding out that momma birds puke into their baby chicks’ mouths to feed them, I have recognized the kind of dedication involved in being a mom. Luckily, my mom never used the puke-into-mouth feeding method, but she did raise me in an environment full of love and support and never failed to be there for me when I needed her! 😀

human mother and childEating delicious vomit-free cake with my mama and sis!

Sadly, animals on dairy farms and in the circus industry are never allowed to know this kind of motherly love since they are ripped away from their moms shortly after birth. 🙁 These are animals who feel all the same emotions of sadness, happiness, and fear that we feel, and they need us to speak up for them!

Check out all these awesome ways to show love for ALL moms out there this Mother’s Day:

After being repeatedly raped and impregnated, mother cows in the dairy industry have their babies torn away from them to be turned into veal. 🙁 Share our video on your Facebook wall and Twitter feed to let your friends and family know that ALL moms should have the right to be with their children.

vegan cinnamon rolls

vegan bake saleDid you know that you can actually help animals with CUPCAKES?! It’s true! Vegan cupcakes are not only delicious and cruelty-free but also free of all that nasty cholesterol found in those chicken-period cupcakes. Win! Just pull out our vegan baking cheat sheet and create a cupcake extravaganza for Mother’s Day. 😀

mother's day cardWere you aware that elephants undergo the longest pregnancy of all mammals—22 months? After holding their babies inside them for that long, imagine how traumatizing it must be to have them taken away so soon to be sold and beaten in traveling circuses? 🙁

Speak up for these mamas by printing out our Mother’s Day card and sending it to the U.S. Department of Agriculture to remind the agency that NO mother should be alone on Mother’s Day!

After all this, your mom wont have any doubts that she raised a completely compassionate and awesome child!

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