Seeing Motion City Soundtrack play live is like riding a roller coaster while eating soy ice cream and setting off firecrackers at the same time. Yes, they are that delightful. But we aren’t the only ones who think so—per MCS’ MySpace page: “Errol Bumpstead, an 8-year-old student at Wildwood Elementary school in Mahtomedi describes Motion City Soundtrack as ‘pretty good if you like that stuff’.” Well, we at peta2 will one-up this Errol character and state that MCS is pretty damn great.

You can’t just put out amazing music to achieve “damn great” status with peta2. By our standards, you have to go that extra mile-for animals, that is. Justin Pierre did just that when he sat down with us on his tour bus to let the world know that he thinks animal testing is just plain stupid. Check out the whole interview here.

Justin didn’t stop at just talking about the problem. He put his pen where his mouth is and joined the long list of bands that have signed the “Save #99” petition in order to help put an end to testing on primates. So get on it and follow Justin’s stellar example by clicking on the button below to save some monkeys! Look for Justin’s signature between Joan Jett and Geoff from Thursday on the petition; you might say that he is the Tofurky in a rock sandwich.