Everyone knows and loves John Norris. He’s an MTV icon, and both you and your parents recognize him instantly. As a reporter for MTV News, not only does John get to interview some of your favorite bands, he’s also covered some of the biggest and most significant news stories of our generation.

Last year, John was wonderful enough to narrate The Saturday Team and peta2’s Something to Stand For DVD/CD compilation. And now we are thrilled to announce that John jumped at the chance to team up with peta2 yet again—this time to declare to the world the very simple reason why he doesn’t eat or wear animals.

Let’s face it: We all know John’s a natural in front of the camera, but until I saw him firsthand, I had no idea just how good he was! Watch his vegetarian PSA below to see John explain why he lives a cruelty-free lifestyle.

If that’s not inspiration to go veg, I don’t know what is! John doesn’t want to contribute to the suffering of innocent and defenseless animals, and as a result, he made the decision to go vegan a couple of years ago. Yay!

Why don’t you do your part by starting the new year off right by signing our pledge below to go vegetarian today? It’s the single best thing you can do for animals, the environment, and your own health.