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Pascaline Wittkowski has lived most of her life with muscular dystrophy. While she has waited and suffered, researchers have wasted decades and millions of dollars performing cruel tests on animals that still have not produced a cure or even a treatment to reverse disease symptoms. They have cost countless animals—and perhaps countless humans—their lives.


She’s had enough. She doesn’t want the wasteful and abusive experiments being performed on dogs in laboratories in France and the U.S., including at Texas A&M University, conducted in her name.

“We have to stop kidding ourselves and believing that we’ll find medicines for humans by using other animal species.”

Pascaline, like many people with debilitating illnesses, wants researchers to use advanced, human-relevant research methods. And she knows that “human-relevant” means “animal-free.”

Check out the powerful video:

What You Can Do

Please support Pascaline by telling Texas A&M to pursue advanced science, shut down its dog laboratories, and allow the remaining dogs to be adopted into loving homes. Share this story to spread the word.