Officials at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland, announced that they will be sending eight bottlenose dolphins to the first seaside sanctuary in the U.S.!

bottlenose dolphin

The pod of six females and two males will be transferred together to a safe and spacious ocean habitat, where they’ll be able to feel the ocean’s currents, communicate with wild dolphins, and enjoy some semblance of a natural life. 

Times have changed, and our understanding of the needs of the animals in our care has changed. A lot of very valid research has been done in the last 20 years to open our eyes to the cognitive and social behavior of dolphins.

John Racanelli, National Aquarium CEO

People all over the world are celebrating this groundbreaking decision, which shows other marine parks that keeping dolphins as prisoners in tanks can and MUST end. Dolphins are intelligent and emotionally complex animals who, in the wild, swim many miles each day. But in aquariums, these sensitive beings may develop ulcers and engage in self-destructive behavior and have even been known to attempt suicide. 

national aquarium dolphin peta tweetFor decades, PETA has argued against dolphin captivity at the National Aquarium. In 1991, we launched a campaign against its then-new dolphin facility. Thanks to everyone who spoke up for all these years—the dolphins will finally be free from their cramped tanks!

national aquarium sanctuary tweet2

What You Can Do

Never visit ANY marine park, and tell SeaWorld to take the lead from the National Aquarium and retire the animals imprisoned there to sanctuaries, too. 


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