With vegan foods sweeping college campuses nationwide, schools are now scrambling to get in on the action. Countless schools have implemented highly successful Meatless Monday programs, and the University of North Texas and the University of California–San Diego have recently upped the stakes by opening extremely popular all-vegan dining halls. Guess who’s also recently jumped aboard the vegan party train? Northern Arizona University (NAU)!

NAU has reportedly stepped it up and started its own Meatless Monday program. Hardly a coincidence since our campus outreach crew joined students just last fall to rally support for the campaign. In just two days, our crew was able to gather over 1,700 pro-Meatless Monday signatures!

NAU students sign in support of Meatless Monday on campus.

Students enjoying our free mmmm vegan hot chocolate giveaway.

Well done, NAU!

Click here for a step-by-step guide to bring a Meatless Monday program to your campus.