Reasons why you should like Four Year Strong: They’ve helped revitalize a pop-punk scene that was in dire need of a shake-up, they write songs that get stuck in your head all day as well as breakdowns that make you want to beat someone up, they have awesome beards, and they love peta2!

Four Year Strong first started making a name for themselves with the release of their I Surrender/Decaydance Records debut Rise or Die Trying in 2007. Since then, it’s been a constant stream of touring. The Worcester, Massachusetts, natives have done stints on Taste of Chaos, Warped Tour, played a few Bamboozle Festivals, and headlined tours across the nation. Now they’re back with their latest effort, Enemy of the World, and they show no signs of slowing down. From the opening notes of the first song to the closing title track, the album showcases the band’s penchant for catchy hooks, clever song titles, and high-energy hardcore.

I caught up with the band’s Sexiest Vegetarian nominee, keyboardist/vocalist Josh Lyford, to get the low down on his fondness for wolves and what exactly he would say to Michael Vick if given the chance. Check it out!

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