We’ve come a long way with vegan food.What once made you say “WTF!?” is now making even the most bacon-obsessed person ask, “Can I have some of that?!” Here are six of our fave new vegan products! (Try not to lick the screen while you scroll down.)

1. Vegan Cheddar Mac and Cheese



This creamy mac and cheese made by Earth Balance will take you right back to your childhood the moment that it touches your tongue. It’s full of the flavor that you love in mac and cheese, minus all the cruel and gross dairy products. Once you’ve made it a couple of times, get a little experimental! Try cutting up some faux bacon or some veggie dogs, and then throw ’em on in. This little yellow box will be sure to comfort the little kid inside us all.


2. Sea Salt Vegan Toona

Vegan Sea Salt and black pepper Toona

Food Fight! 

I don’t know about you, but when I saw that we were having tuna fish sandwiches for dinner, I was always super-excited—that is, until I found out what happens to fish who are caught for our food. Now, you can have all that salty and savory flavor of tuna without any of the cruelty! Open up a can, throw it on some toast, and run off to class with a healthy and cruelty-free snack.


3. Vegan Cheddar Flavor Squares 

Cheddar Squares

Earth Balance 

Can we take a moment just to thank the vegan gods that these exist? These cheddar squares are the perfect snack after school or when you want to eat the whole box in one sitting while marathoning your fave shows on Netflix.


4. Tofurky Pockets 



Seriously, the world has lost its last excuse for why everyone can’t go vegan. These delicious Tofurky Pockets come in three delicious flavors: Turk’y Broccoli & Cheddar, Pepperoni Pizza, and BBQ Chick’N! Say whaaaaa?! These are perfect for throwing in the microwave as you roll out of bed for your 11 a.m. poli-sci class.


5. Smoked Gouda Style Block 

Daiya gouda cheese block


We all have those moments when we want to be the next gourmet chef and create something fancy. Well, this vegan smoked gouda made by Daiya will definitely help you on your way to culinary greatness while leaving all the nastiness of cheese behind! Chop it up and serve it with your favorite vegan crackers or chop it up into little cubes, pop some toothpicks in there, and host a fancy dinner. You can also go old-school and throw it on your next vegan meat sandwich for lunch!


Have you tried any of these yummy vegan noms? If so, let us know in the comments below what is your fave and what you like to make with it!

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