The New York City Council has just voted to prohibit all traveling circuses from bringing wild animals into the city. Right on the heels of Ringling Bros.’ final show, New York has sent a clear message: The public is NOT down with forcing scared animals to travel around and perform pointless tricks.

PETA members and supporters have been seen outside every performance protesting, holding signs, and passing out information to speak out against circuses that use and abuse animals. Council Member Rosie Méndez first introduced a version of this groundbreaking bill 11 years ago, and Los Angeles is currently considering a similar measure.

Goodbye to "The Cruelest Show on Earth"! Last night I joined dozens of animal rights activists in sending off the cruel and torturous #ringlingbros circus on their last tour. In interview the execs named animal rights activists as a major contributing factor. Be stead fast and unwavering in your beliefs, you have more of an impact than you know. However this is NOT a victory for the animals, as many are being sent to animal prisons or used for research. Contact Ringling and tell them you demand sanctuaries for all the animals after a life of torture. #animals #circus #Ringling #barnumandbailey #barclayscenter #Brooklyn #nyc #parkslope #family #familyfun #education #elephant #performer #vegan #vegansofig #vegansofnyc #catsofinstagram #love #beyoncé #newyork

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Among the animals who will be helped by the ban are the elephants and zebras used in UniverSoul Circus’ notoriously cruel shows. They’ll never be beaten and forced to perform in New York City again, and they’re one step closer to freedom.

For circuses still abusing animals, the message is loud and clear: The future of entertainment is animal-free.

What You Can Do

This is great news, but we still have a lot of work to do! Here’s how you can help:

  1. Pledge never to go to a circus that uses animals and urge your friends and family to stay away, too. Remember: Every ticket purchased to an animal circus directly supports animals’ misery.
  2. Contact usfor materials for launching a campaign to get animal acts banned in your area or for help organizing a circus protest.
  3. Help keep the victories coming! Tell UniverSoul Circus to end the animal acts and stick with only willing, human performers in its shows.