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Ever wonder what your dog is dreaming about when she’s comfortably in a deep, peaceful sleep? Two rock legends offer up their answer in a first-of-its-kind video starring the iconic music of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and an animated Iggy Pop, with a surprise at the end ….

In the video, a shirtless and muscular Iggy cavorts in his dog’s daydream as a superhero, helping a turtle safely cross the road and coming to the defense of a rabbit in a hare-raising attack, as Cave sings,

“The rabbit hides beneath the ground / For he is defenseless without you.”

The adorable video spot—directed by Robert Sebree—carries an important message: Be the person your dog thinks you are.

Nick Cave, critically acclaimed musician, author, screenwriter, and composer as well as occasional film actor, is known for his intensely emotional, shadowy, and—as in the case of “Breathless,” the song that he’s shared with PETA—lyrically illustrative work. The tune warmly imagines a world far beyond that of romantic love. He envisions an existence in which “all the earthly things they stop to play.”

Iggy Pop is known as “the godfather of punk” and has been red-hot in leading the underground scene since the 1960s. Over the years, he’s been seen as “a rock provocateur, a restless and reckless front man who has excited and offended.” That reputation is turned on its head as he and his animated counterpart star in a video reminding folks that, to our animal companions, we are Wonder Woman and Superman!

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