*UPDATE: Victory! Following an intensive yearlong PETA campaign, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has announced that  it’s ending the cruel psychological experiments on baby monkeys conducted by Stephen Suomi, the person who led this horrendous project at NIH for more than 30 years. His laboratory is being closed down, and he will no longer be involved in any experiments on animals. 

NIH’s decision—which was first confirmed by Congressman Brendan Boyle’s office—came as PETA was preparing to release troubling new videos and e-mails obtained from NIH showing that the experiments had continued through this year and that NIH officials had lied about the project’s status to members of Congress, the media, and others.

The original blog reads as follows

The images you’re about to see are real and hard to look at. This footage obtained by PETA show how experimenters at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) terrorize animals.

Do you feel his fear?

The experiments are done to inflict mental trauma on babies who were stolen from their mothers and cause them to suffer from intense fear, aggression, depression, and anxiety.

Would you do this to your dog or cat? 

NIH Baby Monkey Inhaling Drugs Devices were screwed into the skulls of some monkeys so that experimenters could inject their brains with drugs.

Does this image make you uncomfortable?

Infants were caged with their chemically sedated mothers. The babies screamed and cried, climbing onto and frantically shaking their unresponsive mothers!

Do you think they deserved it?

NIH Capuchin Monkeys Monkeys at NIH exhibited abnormal behavior, such as head-twirling and pacing, because of the stress of captivity.

Could you turn your back on him?

Frightened baby monkey at NIH